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ljsnextceleb's Journal

Ljs Next Celebrity
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♥♥about ljsnextceleb♥♥ljsnextceleb is a unique type of modeling contest. It is a mixture between Made, American Idol, and American's Next Top Model. We are looking for fun girls that have a love for fashion, makeup, photographs and celebrities. You don't have to look like the celebrity, or be "model material" it is all about the creativity you use to do the photos.
♥♥Rules of the competition♥♥
Like Made you are mimicing a celebrity. The judges will choose a theme and it will be based on you to mimic a photograph fitting that theme BY THE DEADLINE!You will be judged on your ability to mimic the photo, creativity, and overall beauty of the photograph. Please also join ljscelebcritic to chat with the girls and the Judges. It is also where the judges will give their detailed critique.
♥♥Model Application♥♥
If you would like to be a for the next round, applications are being accepted now. THE APPLICATION HAS CHANGED SO PAY CLOSE ATTENTION!
Model Applications Here

If you would just like to watch join the community! Here are the buttons for your user info!

♥♥Prize Packages♥♥
1st place winner will recieve:
A livejournal gift
A copy of their best photograph
An online photo album of all of their photos
Their face on the promo graphic and header for the next round.
A header and Icon that they request
A first place banner for their userinfo

2nd Place Winner will recieve:
An online photo album of all of their photos

A livejournal gift

And their own personal header , with whatever they request

A second Place banner for their userinfo

3rd place winner will recieve:
A livejournal gift

Their own personal icon that they request

A third place banner for their userinfo
www.clickitgirl.net, deviantart.com, ofthesky.net,http://rainbowrowgraphics.com, ohpaintbrush